Welcome to Williston, Welcome to Prosperity

Publish date: 
July 26, 2012

Perhaps only The New York Times could reduce the energy/economic miracle of North Dakota’s oil and natural gas bonanza to something akin to a toothache. Columnist Gail Collins ventures forth from the concrete canyons of Manhattan to discover the hubbub on the high plains and doesn’t avoid raising a skeptical eyebrow.

A European Perspective on the U.S. Shale Energy Revolution

Publish date: 
July 19, 2012

The Economist has an interesting set of articles in a recent special report on U.S. energy and in particular, energy from shale. Though the primary audience is European, the report makes a number of important points about shale energy and the hydraulic fracturing methods used to collect it. 

Natural gas, much of it unconventional, is changing the global energy picture