Eagle Ford Shale

The Eagle Ford Shale gas formation was discovered in 2008 and is unlike many other shale formations because it has both oil and natural gas resources. Located in Southwest Texas, the Eagle Ford Shale is estimated to have 20.81 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 3.351 billion barrels of oil. The formation ranges in depth from 5,700 to 10,200 feet and covers over 3,000 square miles.

Supporting Texas Communities

In its few short years of development, Eagle Ford Shale gas is already producing results for state and local areas.

In 2010 alone, this newest of the Texas shale plays generated close to $2.9 billion in revenue, supported approximately 12,600 full-time jobs in the area, and provided nearly $47.6 million in local government revenue.

University of Texas at San Antonio Institute for Economic Development