America’s Energy


“Fracking as a technique has been around for decades. … I have performed the procedure myself very safely.” U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell

Fracking is not new – it’s an American innovation that’s been in use for more than 60 years.  The onset of the modern shale revolution came with the marriage of advanced fracking and horizontal drilling, allowing operators to sink a well a mile or more deep before gradually turning it from vertical to horizontal.  Innovation, experience, and a commitment to safety have unlocked vast reserves of energy – growing our economy and creating jobs  while giving us a secure supply of the energy we use every day.  Learn about the history of this pioneering technology.

  • Logistics of Shale Production

    Industry employees in the Marcellus Shale discuss the planning process, lease acquisition, permitting, drilling and community engagement in this series of interviews.

  • How Hydraulic Fracturing Works

    In a hydraulic fracturing job, "fracturing fluids" or "pumping fluids" consisting primarily of water and sand are injected under high pressure into the producing formation, creating fissures that allow resources to move freely from rock pores where it is trapped.

  • What is Fracking?

    Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has played an important role in the development of America's oil and natural gas resources for nearly 60 years.

  • Happy Birthday, Fracking!

    We celebrate the first commercial use of hydraulic fracturing 65 years ago on March 17, 1949, conducted by Halliburton in Stephens County, Okla., and Archer County, Texas.

  • Hydraulic Fracturing: Six Decades of Unlocking U.S. Oil and Gas

    Shale gas is projected to account for roughly 50% of natural gas produced in the U.S. by 2035.